Keep Your Grand Cherokee In Pristine Condition

July 27th, 2020 by
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Over the years, Jeep has built a reputation synonymous with reliability, durability, and longevity. Prolonging the life of your Jeep Grand Cherokee comes from performing regular maintenance at various increments including 8,000, 16,000, 32,000, 64,000, and 94,000 miles. Other maintenance needs to be done seasonally, as well as unique maintenance for off-road driving. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful maintenance schedule to ensure that your Jeep will still be performing at top-level for years down the road. 

8,000 miles

Typically, the first round of maintenance to be performed will come around the 8,000-mile mark. This will include checking hoses for wear, inspecting tires and rotating them, as well as replacing the oil and oil filter. As a general rule, you should continue to balance and rotate your Jeep’s wheels every 8,000 miles.

16,000 Miles

Once your Jeep has reached 16,000 miles, it’s usually time for another look at your vehicle to prolong its life. If your exhaust system has not been checked yet, the 16,000-mile mark would be a great time to inspect it. You should also replace your air conditioning filter as well as check the alignment of your tires. This would be a good time to check the engine timing belt, drive belt, as well as your hoses.

32,000 Miles

The 32,000-mile mark should be around two years of ownership. Here you may need to adjust your Jeep’s brake discs. This is a good time to inspect your brake lines, replace your air conditioning filter, and engine air cleaner filter. This may also be a good time to replace your spark plugs.

64,000 Miles

At 64,000 miles, repeat the same process from the 32,000-mile check-up. You should take a look at the transmission fluid and rear-drive fluid, as they may need to be topped off. It’s also a good idea to flush and replace your engine coolant.

96,000 Miles

After six years of regular driving, you should be approaching 96,000 miles. If you’ve followed the above list of routine maintenance, your Jeep should still be in great shape. At 96,000 miles you’ll need to get new brake linings as well as transmission fluid. Remember to also check all belts and hoses.

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