How To Change A Tire On A Jeep Wrangler

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Jeep Wrangler

There’s never a good time or place to get a flat tire, but if you’re making use of your Jeep Wrangler’s excellent off-roading abilities and you’re nowhere near civilization, the timing and the location are especially inconvenient. But you’re not just going to sit on a log and wait for help to come to you – oh no. You have the skills and the ability to change that tire yourself and get back to your off-road adventure in no time. Or, if you don’t, you’re about to. Keep reading to learn easy steps for changing a tire on your Jeep Wrangler.

Tools of the (Tire) Trade

First, you’ll want to take stock of your tire changing implements, and lucky for you, all of the tools you will need come with your Wrangler. The comprehensive list of tools for changing your Wrangler’s tire:

  • A jack – Used to lift the Wrangler up off the ground so you can access the tire.
  • A lug wrench – Used to remove the lug nuts from the hubcap so the flat tire can be removed.
  • A spare tire – Because that’s the whole point.

Now for the fun part.

Step 1

Check your Jeep Wrangler owner’s manual to find the correct placement of the jack under your vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is in park and the emergency brake is engaged. Place the jack in the appropriate spot on the axle and begin to turn the jack’s rotatable clasp counter-clockwise until the problem tire is lifted up off the ground.

Step 2

Use the lug wrench to loosen all five lug nuts from the hubcap. Remove the lug nuts and pull the wheel straight out and away from the vehicle so as not to damage the wheel studs.

Step 3

Use the lug wrench to remove the three lug nuts securing the spare tire onto the back of the Jeep. Pull the spare wheel straight out and away from the vehicle.

Step 4

Put the spare on in place of the flat tire and perform the steps in reverse to secure the wheel to the Jeep. Use the lug wrench to tighten lug nuts, lower the Wrangler using the jack, and place your tools back where they belong. Continue on your outdoor adventure!

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