Lift Kits for Jeeps at Safford of Winchester

Jack Up Your Jeep in Winchester

Don’t jeopardize the integrity or safety of your Jeep by building it up with lesser gear. The Jeep Lift Kit at Safford of Winchester delivers that tough Jeep look and top off-road performance without compromising anything in durability or safety.

Our Mopar Lift Kits are built with the highest-quality parts with affordability also in mind. Best of all, you’ll have access to our Jeep service experts for installation.

Safford CJDR of Winchester’s Got Your Pro Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep Lift Kits include: coil springs, shocks, adjustable alignment cams and track bar, stabilizer bar links with Helm ends, cable relocation brackets and replacement high-clearance, high-capacity steering stabilizer kit. Plus, all the connectors and materials needed to install.

We have 2 and 4-inch Jeep Lift Kits. Need bigger tires? Safford CJDR of Winchester’s got them, too!